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Friday, February 19, 2016

HaPpY BiRtHdAy To Me!

Yeah it's that time of year again where everyone is too busy to notice that it's my birthday because it's also the FILs & other family members :/

Not really fussed I guess. Just another year to point out that wrinkles a plenty are on their way & time to watch out for grey hairs in the next decade or so (I hope it's longer than that!)

Had a massive clear out of the house, re-arranged furniture & selling whatever I don't use.
Sick of seeing stuff sitting there doing NOTHING!
Off to the charity shop it all goes.

BBQ tomorrow night with a few friends & I still haven't decided what cake to buy yet??
Decisions decisions.

Waster 4.5hours on the phone to a government agency & didn't get any further than before I rang them.
Hoping to get quotes for a back verandah less than the initial one we received & generally just feeling UGH!

Hot, tired, fed up & bored shitless. End.Of.Story.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Blogs pot lost 18minths of my life :(

So I log in to write a new post and BOOOM! Last post dated 2013!
I've posted more since then & they're all gone :(

I don't even know where to re start at or what you've missed??
I have four children now, with number four born April 2013.

His personality is that of all three older children, add a sprinkle of dare devil, a few cups of attitude (& then some) & and entire bucketful of no fear!
He can be the sweetest, heart melting little boy one minute & terrifying angry the next, THEN he gives you that little grin that makes you melt in an instant.
He really is so full on but it's just HIM.

My home business of making dog jackets, has been in the quiet side for the last year or more.
Yes I'm disappointed that it didn't take off like I had hoped BUT it takes its toll on my knees crawling around on the floor drawing out the pattern & cutting out each piece.
I have a casual job working a few hours each week, in a retail clothes store.
It's just nice to get out of the house & have adult conversation once again.

Right now we're heading to a family reunion on the Mother In Laws side of the family, fashionably LATE as usual (come on there's 4 of them & 2 of us. We're outnumbered!)
We only found out about it a few days ago so tough titties if we ARE running late.
I've been married for almost 12 years & never met some of these people so, I'm in for an interesting afternoon!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Over 23 months & Another Baby :)

June 2012 was my last blog post? That's over a year ago yet it doesn't seem that long ago.
SOOOOO much has happened since then, including the newest addition to our family, another son named Zylen Jarel Booth.
I have a business sewing dog jackets for people that are tailor made to measure their favourite furry friends :)

We are in the throws of possibly extending our house so, bigger laundry & bedroom for the boys but it's SUCH a daunting task to do yourselves with your own tradesman (called owner build), rather than hiring a ridiculously over priced building form to do the work.

All the different trades needed are engineer, draftsmen, brick layer, carpenter, sire supervisor, plumber, tiler, electrician & I'm sure there's more than that also :(

I've been making candles for about 2 years or more now & love the different scents & colours I can create.
I'm finding it very difficult having a 4yo & a 7 month old at home and my house work (or lack there of) is suffering greatly for it.

I should just buy & sell things rather than having a business that requires measuring, cutting, pinnig, sewing, binding, strapping etc etc.
Any takers? No? How mean....

What do you all do to pass the days away?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who Would Have Thought That A Quote Could....

Get us into BIG trouble & probably cost us $5300?
Anybody that knows me well KNOWS, that I am the bargain QUEEN.  No.  Seriously people ring me for advice on the best price for an XYZ.  I'm SUPER careful with money & our household budget, always trying to make sure we have bank savings for that 'just in case' situation.
If we need something major like a roof repair, new appliance or change of insurance, I quote around for a few weeks & THEN make a decision on which option to take.

So, hubby & I noticed our roof needs desperate attention.  I set about calling various roofing companys out of the local paper & the yellow pages.
After about 10 had been over 2-3 days, I started checking out their builders licence numbers to make sure they were qualified to do my roof.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered only TWO of them actually held the licence to do roofing!
I eventually rang the Housing Industry Australia to check into them further & find out if there was a site I could look on for roofers already checked to save me the work.  I was directed to another website where there were tradies listed AND checked & I was also given the names of four companies local to me.
I rang & spoke to the second on the list.  He asked me the usual questions, 'What do you need doing?'
'Whysed & then I'd HALF that amount & know I was in the ball park figure of an actual roof repair/restoration.
This particular roofer asked me who those 'big guns' were that came out.  I told him the names & he told me to check my 'quote' for a price from (let's just say RSA).  I did & he said he would bet that it WASN'T a 'quote' at all but a work order to COMPLETE THE JOB!  All $5300 of it :S
He advised that I send them a letter saying I would NOT be going ahead with it due to 'personal reasons'.
I immediately rang the company & was put through to the manager who, long story short, told me that i'd signed a work order & it was a legal document.  I argued that we'd both been ASSURED it was a quote & was told 'that's all hear say.  I wasn't there so I wouldn't know'
I went straight to legal aid the next day & was told to draft another letter & send it via registered post (to ensure it was received) stating that I wanted the verbal cancellation given to me over the phone, in writing within 7 days.  It's been two days now (sent on Thursday last week) & I'm SHI%^&NG myself just quietly :(
I have been in TEARS over this.  I've rung the Office of Consumer & Business Affairs who said, basically, hubby & I have hear say where as THEY have my signature on a legal document.
IF 'RSA' send me a cancellation letter, all well & good BUT if they decide to be as big an AS%^OLE like they were on the phone, we may end up in court, paying court fees & will either have to pay court costs plus 20% of the contract OR the full $5300 for a job that hasn't even been done.

So there we have it.  EVERYTHING we have been trying to do, to get on top of our house & finances, has all gone in the blink of an eye, due to one DODGY salesman.
Next step for us will be A Current Affair & Today Tonight as we don't have any other options :(

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jemm D's - Getting There!

So the workshed we have been building since October of LAST YEAR....... is almost complete *squeal*
I am at the point now that I'm just OVER it all.  The measuring, cutting, sanding, filling, screwing, painting, taping, climbing, cleaning, filing, adjusting & everything else it has entailed.
I just want the carpet tiles in & everything ready to go because I NEEEEED my lounge room back!

I have boxes & boxes & boxes of stock (fabric, binding, hook & loop, strapping & so much more) piled up in the lounge on various chairs or strategically piled up around the TV screen or behind my kids bedroom doors (no exaggeration, if I posted a photo you'd freak) so I've made the decision.  Once tax time is over, we're going lounge suite shopping.

I figure, the kids can have our current one (removable, washable cover) in their half of the shed (their play room) & mummy & daddy will finally get an upgrade after 8 years of this one.
Don't get me wrong - we LOVE the lounge but it's looking a bit tired & sorry for itself now.

If only this shed was done, I'd have somewhere to sew, to create, to pin, to HIDE!

The kids are great.  We were playing a game with Tevven a few nights ago & I asked Tevven to close both eyes.  I then covered his good eye up.  Hubby was positioning a toy somewhere behind me where he could see it.  He would open his bad eye & was POINTING AT THE OBJECT!
We were stunned & excited as we'd been told he would at best, only see light & shadows so for him to see AND point to the object, is truly amazing for us to find out :)

Right now, it's time for me to go outside & do some more painting on the shed :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Over a Year....

I stopped writing my blog a year ago. I just didn't see the point of keeping it going if no one bothered to read it you know?
Then I realised that having very few friends if not NONE my age with kids, that I could talk to, then how else was I going to 'let it all out' without blowing my stack for no reason because I was frustrated?
I've been soooooooo caught up with life & new directions thrown at me that I've barely even had time to sit down in front of a computer anyway :(
Where do I start, I mean, it's been over a YEAR for goodness sakes!

Well in the past few months my husband has broken his nose whilst working on the shed (you'll read about that later) & now after surgery to 'fix it' which didn't work, he now requires a total nose reconstruction! WHOOPWHOOP *sarcasm*

My youngest little pocket rocket Tevven, fell on a bunk bed rail & split his lip & gum open & even managed to get a tooth to go through his bottom lip.
He too required a plastic surgeon to stitch up his face under a general anaesthesia (I've never been more scared in my life).
He was due to be discharged a few hours after surgery when my MIL brought his older brother & sister to visit him & my daughter suddenly got her mystery afternoon temperature for the FOURTH day in a row with no other symptoms at all.
I took her downstairs to the hospital ER & she was admitted to hospital with a kidney infection JUST as the upstairs ward rang me to tell me my youngest was being discharged (oh the joys of kids) so I ended up staying in hospital for 3 days with my daughter whilst my husband took our boys home.
My little miss is doing great after 48hours straight of IV anti biotics but requires 14days of oral anti biotics & daily doses of iron liquid.
Tevven is healing beautifully well & my husband is due for his next surgical consult soon.

In the midst of ALL of this & more, I have accidentally come about starting a business from home that we have been building a workshed for, hence my husbands broken nose.
He attempted to reverse a tec screw out of a block of wood but it was stuck & the block of wood spun around on the drill, smashing him across the bridge of his nose, breaking it in half :(

After 6 months of busting our butts, the workshed is ALMOST complete. I have a few more pieces of gyprock to install & all the corner s & joins to patch op ready for painting, then I can install the skirting boards & carpet tiles ready for the big reveal.
Hubbys birthday's in a few weeks & my besties sons first birthday this weekend so every spare minute I get is spent working on getting things finished in the workshed.

Tevven has been seeing a speech program with me which was cancelled halfway through from the inconsiderate parents who just never bothered to show up each week, but with lots of help from mummy, he's picking up words & talking away nicely now so I'm happy with his level of speech.
Still no news on his PHPV eye front. Nothing can be done until they allow stem cell transplantation into humans which they don't believe will be allowed until my little man is at least 10years old :(

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Time Posting....

I know it's been 3 months since I last posted but I figured, if no one's going to read it then why should I bother?
The thing is, I need to talk. My friend needs to talk, but other than a few, he can't talk to anyone. He SHOULD have been assigned a councillor but no one has even bothered. His partner felt there was no way out & she hurt herself. She's in ICU & they can't do anything for her. She leaves behind my friend & her baby who is only a few months old.
The government services that SHOULD have been helping them get custody of their child back, failed.
Is that of any surprise to me? No, but it does make me angry that it happened in the first place & that they'll spout the usual crap about it 'not happening again' or they'll 'put new measures in place to prevent it in the future' bit late for the family of this girl isn't it?
Why does it take for someone to be pushed to their limit until they fall, before anyone pays attention & offers help?
I've only met this girl a few times but have known the babys father for many years through high school.
He's kind, generous, a computer whiz & has never had a run in with the police in his life so why him?
I HURT for him, I CRY for him, & all the while KNOWING that even after her impending death, he STILL won't get the help he needs or deserves.
The law is so VERY VERY wrong & gives parental rights to the wrong people. He's never done anything but love his child & help out the mother of his child in anyway he can, & this is what it's come too.
I know he's hurting & I don't know how to stop it. He's not sleeping, eating or even thinking & one person is to blame & that's the grandmother on the mothers side.
Even with her own daughter laying in a hospital bed, hooked up to machines, she shows no emotion, she wont even bring her daughters baby to see her before she passes, instead she tells the doctors when SHE wants the machines turned off so her daughter is out of the picture & she can continue with filing for FULL CUSTODY of her grandchild.
You read right, she stole her daughters baby from her house & the police can't give him back without a custody order in place.
The girl couldn't take it anymore & took matters into her own hands. She'd rather die than see her mother have custody of HER baby.
What kind of a mother DOES that to their OWN child? I can't fathom it, I can't understand it & even looking at things from her point of view, she's STILL wrong.
I want the girl to get better, to go to court, get her baby back & move on but I'm not the person who can make that happen.
To my friend, I love you! Even now I sit here & cry knowing that NOTHING I say or do will help you get your baby back or keep you-know-who alive.
I ask that you PLEASE look after yourself. My offer still stands, my car is out the front waiting & my phone on 24/7 waiting for you to call.
Do not feel guilty as none of this is your fault. Just remember how many people are here to offer you anything you need & help you tomorrow in what will be THE hardest day of your life. Please, don't do it alone....xoxo....