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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Adventures of a Car Seat....

So the kids came home from the MILs house today with a 'cracked' booster seat that belonged to my 4yo boy.
When I took the cover off it turns out it wasn't 'cracked' the entire side had been snapped off!

OMG panic mode! I have work the next day & 2 kiddies to drive to childcare & I only have ONE seat

Off to the shops for us!
So the kids are being looked after for half an hour whilst we race to the shops.

Kool they have a lightening McQueen booster seat but only one of the Polystyrene ones like the one that was just broken. It was $79.
Then I find a few molded plastic ones - some that fold in half, some with head rest you can raise & some with arm rests.
I ended up buying one with arm rests, head rests & waist rests. It had a little padded pillow for him too!
I nearly fell over in shock when it scanned at $78 though - it was 100% better than the Polystyrene one AND cheaper - BARGAIN!
*Koby is currently outside, strapped into his car seat in my car, whilst his daddy drives the 2 seconds it takes to move the car behind gates of our carport*
Koby is SO excited over the seat - even took it well when I explained that there was a Lightning McQueen one but I didn't buy it as it wasn't safe - he didn't CARE he thought the new one was fantastic. YEAY ME!
"Thankyou for buying my new seat mummy thankyou very much"
*Has suddenly realised she should have written down his thankyou - not often I'll be hearing them from a 4yo*
Who am I kidding he's got gorgeous manners & I'm glad he's as happy about the seat as I am. Not at the cost though - we don't just HAVE that sort of cash to spare & the fact WE had to cover the cost of it when WE didn't break it - there wasn't even an offer to help pay for the cost & w struggle enough with the money - I guess he has a better seat now but not the point really.

More to the ignition story - hubby got a new one from the wreckers so stay tuned for
'The electrocution of the fiddling husband'

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