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Friday, May 9, 2008

Blogging frequency & BOOBS!

So after yesterdays post I wondered did I blog right?

Why do people blog and how often are you SUPPOSED to blog?

I decided I'd write something whenever there's something worth blogging about really, so here's another entry.

7am - My alarm doesn't go off but I wake up & see it's 7am. OMG I'm late for crappy amazingly wonderful job (not).

Then I wonder what day it is and that it can't be another day for me to work - it must be a day off?

No. Alarm wasn't set on my phone the night before, it's Friday, it's 7am, I have to start work at 8am, I have 2 kids asleep in bed that I'm yet to drive to childcare, I'm not dressed & haven't got my face make-up on & I'm only a cleaner for goodness sakes!

7am - I jump out of bed like a mad woman, kids are awake now so tell the 4yo to get into jocks, socks & shoes (insert complaints here) & get the baby out of the cot into the lounge room for a nappy change, socks & shoes also.

7:10am - Wipe away the black mascara smudges from the day before from under my eyes (either that or the babys smack in the face from the night before), apply fresh mascara, eyeliner & blush & wrench my cargo's & a shirt on.

Put jackets on children, put shoes on myself, wipe off morning dew from all car windows using an iced coffee carton my the back seat of my car, double check the kids bags, strap kids in the car & drive to childcare.

7:20am - bounce Walk into childcare, throw the bags on the floor, sign in kids, kiss & hug my snotbags precious, cuddly bundles & again, run out of the room like a mad women to my car. No speeding was involved BTW - I figure if I'm gonna be late then I'm gonna be late.

7:30am - Start my 30 minute drive to work - OMG - Port Wakefield roadworks AGAIN.

Stopping, starting, crawling, stopping, 20kmph driving, stopping, cut off 3 times, sped past (can't people READ speed signs?) almost rear ended a BMW TWICE we were all so bloody close.

8:10am - sneak through the doors and run like a mad women to my cleaners room before getting busted!

Clean up the shitholesuccessful retail store & head to warehouse. (hubby on his way to help me but called back to work - AGH!)

12:30pm - Tiny headache I woke up with now a FULL BLOWN migraine & STILL have to go to the warehouse & clean!

Hubby @ warehouse, all cleaned & off the get a FREE bra!

Yes a new store called Boobytrap (or something) has opened just out of the city - first 1000 customers gets a FREE bra so I'm off - not going to miss out on that one!

1:30pm - Arrive to a queue of 40+ women lining up to enter store!

2:30pm - FINALLY enter the store, get fitted (confirmation of mosquito bite boobs *SIGH*) then told my current bra is too big for my boobs - no SHIT Sherlock that's why I'm wearing it!

Head to the farthest isle of the shop for glace cherry boob bras (I was so lonely down there - everyone else was in the C cup+ sections (insert 2nd *SIGH* here<)

Line up to try on 6 bras, one of which had the STUPIDEST back strap I've ever seen & had no idea how to wear it so put it back.

Liked 2 bras, only got the free one, headed back to the warehouse to get hubbys car.

4:30pm - Arrive home with ears squealing at my & midget running around in my skull with a mini mallet trying to break out!

4:30pm - collapse on bed for sleep.

5:30pm - Hubby brings the kids home, I leave the bedroom to find baby in bed & toddler raiding the fridge/cupboards for anything he can find. Mothers day gifts & paper flowers everywhere, sand in little piles by the door where the shoes were taken off & a little face wanting dinner.

6:00pm - Baby still down & haven't seen her since 7am this morning, (missing her but NEVER quote me on that one or EVER tell her that lol) 4yo finished toast & fast asleep on lounge. I take strong midget with mallet pain meds for head & defrost previous weeks tuna mornay.

7:30pm - Soap operas watched, kids still asleep, head still pounding, 1 load of washing done, scarf knitted, floor trashed, jack on t.v. (insert 3rd *SIGH* here<)

9:11pm - Head a bit better, going for a shower, kids still sleeping & missed like crazy, hubby hiding out in bedroom, mummy tired, stressed, wishing the midget with a mallet would sod off.

This is a good day for me, a bad day is too long to blog as I'm busy yelling @ kids & crying at the amount of stuff still not completed.

I'm thinking was there any point to this blog?

Then mummy realises that no. No point to this blog, that's that point OF blogs is it not......

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