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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CARS! As much as I love them......

Sheesh they can be a pain in the ass bottom!

I'd better start with the incident before todays little episode.....

I'd just dropped my kids of at a friends 8yo's birthday party & rushed off for half-an-hour back to my house (2minutes away) to have dinner with my father.

Stupid me had double booked the party and dinner.


ANYway it started to pour down so I'm running (yes running) in my favourite 2.5 inch/7cm heeled boots (Just had hubby go & measure the heel!) back to the car to get back home.

I put the key in the ignition and it spins to the on position - to resistant to start the car.

OH SHIT! DEAR ME I'm thinking so I ring hubby.

I explain the situation to the RAA who were no help other than to say 'the locksmith will be $250 tonight but if you can wait until Monday it'll be $150' I mean DUH I'm broken down on the side of a street. Is she serious that I should just sit here & wait for 2 days?


Hubby comes to the rescue, puts the ignition back together (it had unscrewed) & off I drove back home until the steering lock kicked in & I went head first into a ditch from where they are installing new kerbing and storm water drainage!

Hubby & I swap cars & drive home. Ignition is fixed then and there.

Fast forward to today with me having just dropped my 4yo off at kindy & strapping the baby into her seat.

I jump into the front seat & go to start the car.......

Can you guess what happened?

Go on....................... Guess...............................

Yeah the back of the bloody ignition fell off again!

Ringing hubby again now, I'm told to "Stick my house key where the sun doesn't shine into the back of the ignition & turn it to the right."

Sure enough the car starts & I'm on my way home.

I'm informed the car will need a new ignition which means 1 key for the ignition & another different key for the doors - OH the JOYS that will bring with two shitty cranky kids at 6:30am on the way to childcare.


I return to a freezing cold house & toys everywhere, then realise that I'd forgotten to start the washing machine the previous night so am now a load of washing behind.

It'll be leap frog lounge again today (what's new?) when hubby returns home.

The 4yo has taken to answering back, the 1.5yo is close on his heels with her "Nooooouuuuuuy" and the new one "Coooooooomeeme Eeeeeeeeyyyyyyyrrrreeee"

She's recently taken up the chronic sticking out of the tongue and doing a runner when she knows she's in trouble.

ATM she's having her afternoon nap & has been sleeping well over an hour, so hubby has the frightening pleasurable task of waking her up in order for her to sleep later tonight.

(HAha good luck to him.....)

He actually complained upon my return from work on Saturday afternoon, how much the kids had been picking on each other & driving him insane.

I guess my blog titles actually applies to us both then really doesn't it?

P.S. After waking up our daughter & bringing her into the lounge room, hubby decided to jump in the shower. Sonaeya's snuck out of the kiddy gate & into the shower fully clothed with daddy, run back out & yelled "Baaaaaaa" at me (bath), been undressed by me & toddled off for her relaxing splashing session in the shower. Kids, gotta love them right?

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