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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Itchy boobs..... (No I'm not obsessed but....)

So the usual dinner table scenario.
Picture if you will, a 4yo sitting with chicken & veggies in front of him.

Everyone is eating their dinner (with the exception of Sonaeya, who was pasting her face with her food along with throwing chunks onto the table & pulling monster faces complete with noises. Example pictures at the end of this blog.)

4yo Koby has slept in our bed since stupid mummy & daddy (being complete morons first time parents back then) thought by putting a baby in our bed it would calm bubs down. It worked - GENIUS - now how do we get him to sleep in his OWN bed 4 years later?
The answer?
He wants a giant 'Optimus Prime' that he's seen at a friends house that apparently cost (wait for iiiiiiiiiiit) $170!
WTF! Who's idea is it to make toys THAT ridiculously expensive?

AAAAAAAAAAAAnyway I told him that if he slept in his 'big boy bed' I'd give him $5 the morning after - so far he has $45 so he's going well.
He sat at the dinner table but decided he didn't like chicken today & was trying everything BUT eat his dinner.
I grabbed his 'big boy bed jar' (a giant plastic 500g empty peanut butter jar) that had his 9 $5 notes inside.
I explained that everytime he was naughty at the table & not eating, I would take away a $5 note.
He decided to turn around and watch t.v. so a $5 note went in my bra strap. (only place I could think of at the time as I was also eating my dinner - or trying)
He picked out a SINGLE, lonely pea (yes the dating services hadn't been to kind for that pea, only the corn would go near it) & proceeded to NIBBLE at the bloody thing!
Another $5 went into my bra strap.
Koby thought throwing a piece of chicken onto the table would mean one less piece of food to eat.
Another $5 went into my bra strap. Are you getting the picture here?
My bra was full of $5 notes (shame they weren't $100s) & Koby was sent to his room to think about things.
I proceeded to take out the $5 notes & put them back in their container.

Fast forward 2.5 hours & my right boob (the one with the lump) was itchy on one side - uh-oh I'm thinking - until I reach under my bra strap to scratch & VOILA! I felt a $5 note! Can anyone say 'Spending Spree!'?
Hubby asked me what would happen if he scratched his arse bum. I presume his bum wouldn't be itchy any more but I'm not sure....

Here's some pics of my truly messy 1.5 yo daughter. As you can see, she started from a very early age.....

This particular photo is her 'monster face' where she scrunches her face up whilst baring her teeth & sucking in her breathe through her nose & out again as fast as she can and as LOUDLY as she can - quite funny to watch really as it's usually followed with a silly but cheeky grin!

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