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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Another Day.......

Another day, another round of arguing with the kids.
The dustbuster went flat, Sonaeya keeps smacking Koby in the head & my 'dead' Mothers Day roses are actually trying to open before the COMPLETELY die.
They've now taken pride of place on one of my daughters bibs, in the windowsill of the lounge to get bit of a tan!

I realised last night that *shock horror* I was down to the last drawer of Sonaeya nappies!

This revelation came from me. The mum who, at any one time, has 8 boxes of 64 nappies, 60, 1kg boxes of washing powder stocked up in my cupboards, four 12pack rolls of toilet paper & more bottles of shampoo & conditioner than is needed to give big foot a deep clean shampoo & condition!
My last few nappies so it's off for a trip to Nappy World this afternoon.

I've got the arduous EXCITING task of driving 30minutes down south to hand in bank details & tax file number in order to sign up with a job agency that *whoopsies* archived (shredded) my application & entire file contents by 'mistake'.

Yes you hear the excitement in my words? Only the 2-3 things on the floor that Koby has out atm but it's actually clear!
Hubby can now use the muscles in his legs to walk for a change instead of jump!

Conversation At The Bathroom Sink Last night.
(Visualisation required when reading.)
"Yes Koby."
"How do you get water out of the tap, (picture a 4yo boy talking to me bobbing his head from side to side like one of those old bob-a-dogs you could get for your car window)
and into the sink, (is pointing at the bathroom sink)
and swirly around there, (swirling his arm around really fast whilst pointing his finger in a big circle inside the sink)
then down there, (points into the sink hole)
then all the way down into the floor?" (Is pointing at the floor whilst walking backwards & falling onto the edge of the bath.)
"Well........ (here come the motherly pearls of wisdom) it comes out of the tap, washes down the sink into the drain in the pipes & goes away to be cleaned again to go into the tap."
"Ooooooooooooh ok!" (he's looking at me with utter concentration & thorough understanding, when really, he has no idea what I'm talking about. Nor do I half of the time, it must be confusing to live with me!)

Off he toddles into bed but not before asking if we could please take if his Lightning McQueen quilt cover & put his Spiderman one on instead.
The things mothers do to get there kids to go to SLEEP!

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