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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lipstick OBSESSION & Proud Mummy Moment!

UGH - she has a lipstick obsession that I can't stop!
Sonaeya's into EVERY SINGLE LIPSTICK she can get her hands on - HELP!
She smears it from her eyes to her teeth and beyond.
On my handbag, my furniture, my shoes, her hands & clothes & it's SO hard to get OFF!

So applied @ all the job agencies, filled out the paperwork & completed the medicals Blah Blah Blah........
I was a VERY proud mummy today as Koby (our 4yo) was with us due to there being no availabilities for him at childcare. His manners were SO perfect today & brought many a comment by employment consultants of "Oh what beautiful manners your cheeky monkey has".
(Even though I was quite sure when I left the house this morning I had a 4yo boy & not jungle monkey)I was so proud until we got home & the sarcastic remarks started when the tiredness hit.

We were late for picking up Sonaeya so no doubt a fine ill be making it's way to us soon followed by an episode of "Arguing with the accounts vixen"

Dirty looks were given out like free lollies from Sonaeya tonight. Talk about a bad mood and a pre teen attitude!
She's only 1.5years old but sheesh can she shoot you a look of death.

You see it used to be the furrowed eybrows and the tilt of the head down whilst she glares at you through her eyebrows. That I could handle but now it's a blank stare with her mouth open slightly. She stands COMPLETELY still and oh-so-slowly blinks at you to signify her defiance & disgust - It's a killer look usually followed by a cheeky grin as she runs of but just lately there's no cheeky grin to follow, just a continual glare as she storms past me - UGH!

I've just been informed by the 4yo he has a sore bottom - thanks for that one kiddo!
"Hun put vaseline on his butt would ya?"
Moments later......
"Mum I got jelly on my bottom now!" Why do children think that we, as mothers, want to KNOW what they have on their butts? For that matter what do we care of what has recently been trialed up their nose or down their pants? Must be a boys obsession although I HAVE seen him trying out my lipsticks too.............

Back to my lions den work tommorrow & episode 2 of 'The pissing off of the speeding drivers' whilst on my way to work.
Then the dreaded 'boob check' yes I found a lump so had better get it checked (thanks to the many hours of nagging from some) but it WILL be nothing. I have to keep telling myself that but hey, there's bigger things in life to worry about in my books.
Time for me to hit the bed but first there's the nappy bags to stock up, formula to scoop & count into containers, clothes to fold, one more load to wash, work clothes to find, lounge to tidy, kitchen to sleep, dishes to finish, bathroom to clean (thanks kids) shoes to find, nappies to put on bottoms, babies to tuck in & ever so gently plant a kiss on their forheads whilst they dream....... I'm so proud of my babies!

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