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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Up @ 7:30am & into the shower ready to go to the bomb site work (I know - Mothers Day & I''m working - assholes!)
I leave for work - "Oh, Happy Mothers Day!"
"Yeah thanks for that smartass hunny!"

I'll give you three words - Speed limit signs. Think about what they are for a minute .................... You're taking a longer than I thought..............................

YES! That's right. They're signs to let you know what speed you are ALLOWED BY LAW to travel but alas! I fear that Adelaidians have forgotten how to READ!
25KPH does not mean 'drive faster than everyone else' & think you're a f**in hero!
Bit annoyed? You THINK! Swerving in and out of all the other cars (like myself) who were obeying the law.
I took GREEEEEEEEAAAAT pleasure in driving at 60KPH (like the current signs read) right along site a white 4WD station wagon looking thingo!
Cars lining up behind us ALL speeding & did I give a sh*t you ask........... OK my turn to think for a second or so now........ hmmm ......... did I care that I was blocking cars from speeding past and causing an accident .................hmmmmmm how about NO!
I don't care what your rush is DO NOT speed past! There are cones & workers and machinery EVERYWHERE due to the road upgrade - how would YOU like to be working in a '25 or 60kph zone' with idiot cars speeding past at 50+kph faster than they should?
Bit pis**d off? Yeah, thought so.

ANYWAY I get a 'HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!' yell as I'm scrubbing off some kids feral cute little smeeeeeeaaaary fingers prints from the entire length of glass on the escalators. Do people not teach their kids?
An HOUR of the usual Sunday escalator episode of 'The wiping of the kiddy krud' I head inside & finish off the usual work chores.
I head home completing another round of 'The pissing off of the speeding drivers' with a smile on my face & a card & 3 dead red roses in a display box given to me at the front door!

Turns out hubby paid a small fortune for the roses & knowing the flowers were going black & dying, the shopkeeper still charged him full price :-O
The episode of the 'Are you serious Mrs florist?' coming never........

So BBQ at the in laws place, 4yo helps to cook it too!

4yo watching some 'Power Puff Girls' on the telly with a septic system spewing all over them, images of cartoon dogs sniffing each other backsides & an elephant projecting giant globs of snot onto buildings & people, D-licious!

Home to the 'Chuck sh*t anywhere you feel like' lounge room & 'relax' watching t.v.
Dogs dying on t.v. Kids play fighting with daddy, 1.5yo girl bashing the 4yo boy & daddy enjoying the show.
Baby banished to the cot, 4yo acting like an Energizer bunny is stuck up his behind & a cry of "Intestines in the hand, INTESTINES IN THE HAND" from the t.v. set!
What a lovely yet morbid Mothers Day for me so


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