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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nappies Are STRESSFUL!

Nappies on sale!
All mothers out there - who can honestly say they don't like nappies on sale?

A certain brand is on sale at the IGA this week for HALF the normal price & they don't have my daughters size in.
After ringing around SEVEN different stores,these are the 'reasons' I have received as to why they're not in stock:
1. Our delivery hasn't arrived since yesterday.
2. The truck's not here until this afternoon.
3. We don't know when we get the delivery.
4. Can you just wait for a minute (TWENTY MINUTES LATER STILL WAITING)

Then when I asked for a rain check on them as they were in their catalogue, I was met with the following pearler:
"What's a rain check?"
UGH! I'm off for a drive to kindy & a quick stop off at the IGA to ask.................... (12:45pm)

So it's 1:53pm now, the IGA won't talk to me without a manager in regards to a rain check & I still want my nappies!
Sonaeya is cranky, hubby's home from work early as when he arrived back to work (the farm) there as no one there. Turns out they'd all gone to a funeral & 'forgot' to notify him.

My 4yo has taken to talking with his hands as of this morning so I've been trying to listen & follow his Mr. Tickle arms as he talks to me. Boy am I glad he's at kindy at the moment!

Haven't started on ideas for dinner yet & Sonaeya is busy squealing at her father from next to me in the chair. That might be a good excuse for me later when hubby starts to talk or ask me a question... "What did you say? Sorry Sonaeya was squealing in my ears earlier so I'm now conveniently deaf on demand"

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