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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Odd Socks Oh the JOY!!!!

After an early rise for work, dropping & picking up the kids from childcare & kindy, several trips to the shops for forgotten items & a trip to the in-laws to drop off a mug, it was home time for us.
Both kids were bathed at the MILS house & sleepy on the 10 minute journey home.
Straight in the house & snuggled up in bed for the kids, it was time to finish off the housework, like the 3 loads of laundry left that either needed washing, drying or folding.

After folding clothes for 5 minutes & getting towards the bottom of the moshpit laundry tub, that sinking feeling hit me as usual.
Anyone that does laundry KNOWS the feeling.
The 'Odd Sock' feeling.
Yes that's right I have odd sicks so there!

So I've had about 20+ odd socks in the bottom of my folding basket for 6 months now & am CONTINUALLY frustrated by the fact their partners NEVER come out of the dryer or basket together. They look the same, feel the same, are WORN the same but they never want to be seen together.
RIGHT! I decided. Time for action. I decided it was sock matchmaking time!

Hubby is sent to grab Kobys sock bag whilst I go through Sonaeyas sock drawer.

After tipping the bag out I find THREE odd socks of Kobys that match their partners in my basket!
I head over to Sonaeyas sock drawer & AH-HA! I find 5 more odd socks, 2 of which had been in that basket single & lonely, for at least a year!
(OK so I lied that they'd AAAAAAALLL been in there 6 months OK SHEESH!)

I know have roughly 12 more pairs to find a partner for but that can wait for another night.

P.S. Proud mummy moment!
Koby received the kindys 'sharing Box' yesterday & had to pick 3 things to put in & show the other children today.
The fake spider, fake mobile & whatever else it was he'd picked were lost by bedtime last night so it was up to hubby & I to find 3 new things.

We decided on a plastic dinosaur, a mini Thomas The Tank Engine, an Optimus Prime Transformer keyring & a photo of his sister just because I could.
(YES! I know that's FOUR things but I couldn't pick which one to leave out)
ANYWAY I went to pick him up early & arrived just in time, he had a few things left to talk about.
He told them that his dinosaur was one he'd 'found' (Santa had bought it for him for Christmas actually), his transformer was bought by mummy 'At the shops', Thomas The Tank Engine was from his toy drawer at home (lol DUH!) & the photo was of his sister 'Senaayyyeeerrr'.
He answered all the questions the teacher asked about his items & explained everything without shyness (insert gushing mummy moment here)

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