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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rain, Rain come again!!!!

RAIN! I awoke to hail & then BBBOOOOOOOOOOM a huge clap of thunder directly above the house.
It didn't bother me until I traveled to the warehouse to clean it as usual & realised there was a roof leak & water everywhere. OH what fun it was to mop up - literally!

I have a 4yo who's just screaming & whinging at the side of my face as he
"has a boogy mum, I HAVE A BOOGIE"
"Well get a tissue then Koby"
My 'lump in boob' as I think I mentioned in a previous post is not 'classed' as a breast cancer lump but as it hasn't got down since I've had a monthly 'cycle' I have to see another doctor in a few weeks & go for an ultrasound.
Might also explain the extreme tiredness over the past few months that I was tested for 'Haemochromatosis' for. That test came up 1 bad & 1 good cell so tiredness shouldn't be an issue with it.
I'll wait to see about this & whether the 2 are related.

I have a DVD to watch before we go to the in laws house for dinner tonight, the weather is cold, wet & windy & the kids have been at each other all day apparently (I don't know as I was at work - welcome to my sordid world dear hubby!)

Episode 3 of
'The Pissing Off Of The Speeding Drivers' was waaaaaaay more fun on my way home today!
A Brown BMW rego BB 150M (Yes I said the rego - hope the di*khead gets caught too!) was sitting SO unbelievably close to the cars in front & trying to get past them, that if the front car had have braked, there would have been a pile up!
The as*hole continued to do this until he pulled into the same frickin servo as I did (as*hole again) and went to park at a pump, changed his mind and floored it into a park space instead.

As I was filling my car he was inside buying something. I finished with the fuel & began to walk inside when who should come strolling out of the servo (You'll NEVER guess....) but as*hole guy himself complete with smile/sneer in my direction & a nod of the head. He continued to do this until he reached his car - slimy git!
He took off like a shower of sh*t (at LEAST 90kph) even though the road was marked 60kph due to men undertaking roadworks again.
It's these pricks that cause accidents & get people killed!

I wouldn't mind but the guy didn't even look like he could afford the crappy denim shirt & ripped cargo's he was wearing never mind a new BMW!
(No I'm not being racist or predigest, merely describing the disposition of the as*hole guy)

AAAAAAAAAAANYway I got home to find cars being worked on in the driveway & OMG a clean & clear lounge room floor (sounds like an ad for facial cleanser uh!?!?)
A movie is ready to be watched & I can SMELL the delicious bacon coming from the kitchen - hubby's the chef today!


Helsyd said...

Hi it's Helena here from P+
just wanted to tell you I am really enjoying your blog!! you write really well :) it's a lot of fun to read! I was worried about your lump! - I'm so glad you got it seen to - tell us how the ultrasound goes! I hope it all goes well xxx

Mum - Mainly Upbringing Monsters said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the blog, I hope it's entertaining as it's sure not when it's happening lol!

I'm seeing a female doc for ANOTHER assessment this Friday & then a referrel for the ultrasound.
I'm hoping age is on my side here..