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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Random Thoughts......

I worked an hours overtime yesterday as they're COMPLETE Ferrels who have no idea how to look after themselves - don't even get me STARTED on teaching them the difference between a 'general rubbish' & a 'recycle bin!'

Hubby & I have spoken very few words to each other today after yesterdays 'little incident' with the booby information....

I got home from work, snooze for 30 minutes, did some housework & went to a friends LeReve perfume party thingo - smelt most of the crap nice smelly things - realised they ALL smelled like toilet sprays only RIDICULOUSLY more expensive, had a natter & drove home.
ALMOST hit head on into a truck tyre that had blown out & been left in the middle of my lane. Didn't see it until the last minute as there are no street lights on this main road that is 90kph mind you. Saw it in my headlights but your car lights only got about 5metres in front so didn't see it until ALMOST too late, swerved left, pulled over & rang the police to get someone to remove it.

WAS considering doing it myself but realised I was wearing a black shirt & VERY dark green cargos so wouldn't be seen in the middle of the road - so left it to them to deal with.

THEN had an ASSHOLE driving RIGHT up the arse back of my car, I swear he/she could see what station I was listening to on my radio, so twice I put my brakes on - not enough to cause him/her to hit me of course but enough for him/her to realise I didn't like them looking so closely at my arse.
I turned where I needed to & the MORON must have been going about 150kph after I turned - IDIOT!

I've watched a terrifying, gory movie on DVD tonight - LOVED it & watching a 2nd one now - thanks Bekkhi for the titles - they're awesome.
I have work in 9 hours, am on my 4th double shot drink of Cougar & coke & have next Saturday pre-planned - Bekkhi's birthday of scary movies & quiet drinks WITHOUT the kiddies - should be a nice change although I'm sure I'll miss them dearly as I usually do.

You're all probably bored of reading so I'll let you go - hubby is casting me the death stare for not sitting on the lounge watching the DVDs that I rented.
Goodnight all!

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