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Friday, May 30, 2008

Ultrasound News

So I had the ultrasound with the freezing cold gel (usually they warm it up).

I was prodded, poked, touched, squashed, rubbed - you name it they did it to the boob lol!
I had a female Sonographer (lady that looks at the pretty pictures of your insides) who was quite happy to answer all my nosey questions.
THEN she decides to bring in a male doctor for a look see too (EUUUCH)
& told me I could collect my results later.
So far it looks like breast tissue that's denser on one side than the other BUT I can definitely feel a lump & the results of the ultrasound are that I shouldn't hesitate getting it tested if I'm still concerned (No no it's FINE if you say from a pretty picture that it's nothing & I'm a COMPLETE idiot, I'll just take your word for it)
So first thing Monday I'll book back into the doctors AGAIN to see if it can be tested further as I'm still worried in myself.
That's the story of the boobies & don't even get me STARTED on who I found out that hubby's been telling my private medical details too, a few people who I have to see & am uncomfortable having private medical details told too - not like YOU lot who I've never met - it's different IYKWIM?!?!
- OMG - I'm livid but that's my story lol!


Helsyd said...

he may be really worried about you too - and felt like he had to tell someone

maybe he should start blogging :p

I really hope it is nothing xxx

Mum - Mainly Upbringing Monsters said...

I know he's worried - he's spoken about it but I see these people & have his BROTHER ringing him asking him how my boobs are - I feel like I'm on show - it's different to you guys online as I've never met you but now when I see his brother I know he'll have been thinking about my boobs - GROSS!