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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Mummy she took my sandwich"
"Sonaeya give him back his food right now!"
"I don't want it now! She can HAVE it!"
"Sonaeya, say sorry to Koby...."
"Soooooyyyyeeeeeeeee Booooouuuuuubbbbbeeeeeeee"

It's started already & I JUST got them through the door 5 minutes previously.

Bit of a dance & a wiggle & Sonaeya's scribbling in her book quietly.
"Mummy I love you, how was your day?" *kisses hair* I love that boy!

I've already had a chasing match with Sonaeya around the dryer whilst in the midst of making fritz & grated cheese sandwichs.

Sonaeya is happier pulling the sandwichs apart to eat the cheese - so why do I bother?

She headbutted me in the tooth, yes, the tooth, which is now throbbing painfully whilst she runs around with a cardboard tag hanging out of her mouth & trying to dance to the radio!

I'm still in my work clothes, haven't made it as far as the bedroom to change yet but I'm about to check out a radio station that had a presenter guessing the gender of the person kissing him - that should be a laugh.

OOOOHHHH junk mail has arrived *sends Koby off to collect it*, just put Sonaeya down for a sleep after her 'I'm tired I want to sleeeeep now mole mummy' whinging.

I've had a play with the Mothers Day present I bought myself & it was rather pleasurable to say the least......................

Get your minds out of the gutter lol - It's a brand new wet & dry dust buster & the lounge is dust free (sorta). The keyboard is minus most of the crumbs that gets stuck behind the keys - I wonder where each bit of krud behind there COMES from........... - what's its life story? What ELSE was on that sandwich the little piece of grated cheese behind the 'v' key came from?

"Mum you have Bumblebee"
"Ok thankyou Koby"
"Mummy I can SHARE with people!"
"Yes well done Koby just gimme a sec please"

*Is currently having a 4yo hovering to her right holding out a book with the whine of
"MuuuummmmmEEEEEEEEEEE!" "Can you PLEASE read this book to me right now............ WAIT! I gotta go WEEEEES!"

Phone rings, it's my dad. "What's that website to send your photo's too again?"

"MUUUUUUMMMMMM! She stole my car I want it back MMMMMUUUUUMMMM!"

Then I hear giggling & ooooooh lookie what I see - they're getting along & giggling like a bunch of ladies who've just won on bingo!

Fighting has picked up where it left off & this seems to be setting the theme for the rest of the afternoon. Hubby is late home from work & I'm agonising at the lounge that looks like a pond with each toy representing a lilly pad. Hubby will be 'leap frogging' towards the shower again
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" is all I have to say on the subject!

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