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Monday, June 30, 2008

Accidents Come In Threes!

As you can see from the previous blog entry, both of my dysfunctional gorgeous kids have beaten themselves up this past week, in an attempt to gain black eyes.
Well actually I'm pretty sure they weren't purposely trying to injure themselves but it sure makes for interesting conversation when I drop them off at childcare, & them both looking like they've just returned from a boxing match!
I'm sure childservices will be cool with it though right?
No, that's not something to joke about after what I've read & heard on the news about neglectful parents & poor, malnourished children in this country.

AAAAAAAANYway.... Just before I went to walk out of the childcare centre to drive to work, a worker informed me that Koby had walked head first STRAIGHT into a solid wooden door frame.
Me being the mean wonderful mother that I am, didn't pay much attention, after all, he IS a 4yo boy right? They bump & bang themselves all the time.
Nope after being re-informed that he hit himself hard, I turned to look at him (I was signing them both into their respective books at the time) & saw his hand to his forhead and his silent scream of pain on his open mouth - the poor bugga couldn't even make a noise - that's how hard he hit himself.

I tackled him to the ground yelling 'toughen up boy' ran over to him, grabbed him and consoled my poor baby!
TWICE in almost as many days! Smack bang in the middle of his forehead bless him.
After a big kiss & and long cuddle, he informed me that he loved me and that he was ok. He told me to 'Just go mum I'm ok'
Well. Excuse me for caring :-P

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