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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cold & Stressful plus HAIRCUTS!

So it's FREEZING here in Adelaide still & the kids are making themselves a pig pen. Well it's looking like one atm.

Sonaeya has just fallen off a kitchen chair and banged her head on the kitchen cabinet. Sounded like an almighty bang to me but she only whinged for a second or too.

I've put her to sleep in her cot as she was very tired before anyway and nodded when I asked her if she wanted to go 'nigh night's'.

On another note, the kids both got haircuts yesterday at $8 each.

All the chick did was take 5mm off Sonaeyas fringe & slice the sides outta her face. Took all of 30seconds & cost $8. Think I might do her hair myself next time.

Koby now has short back & sides and in my completely correct biased opinion, looks as handsome and cheeky as ever.

What do you think?

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