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Friday, June 6, 2008

Gold chicken!

Gold chicken I hear you say? What's that? How do I get one?
Weeeeellll.... It's a blog ABOUT gold & chicken really.

I had a broken necklace this week (thanks to my monster darling son deciding he would try & climb through my necklace whilst it was done up
Then I discovered my 4yo son biting a gold ring that I THOUGHT was costume jewellery for years - until I noticed the gold stamp inside it
Along with some other bits of jewellery I took a trip after work into the city after a shop on t.v. advertised it would buy 'Any gold, even if it's broken'

SWEEEEEET I thought - I'd cash in my gold chew-toys jewellery along with a few other bits I don't wear & buy a new necklace.
After working an extra 2 hours at work (don't ask) hubby & I drove into the city, parked up, then began our travels to find the gold shop.

After getting lost walking around, having people shove into us, listen to a guy YELLING as he was walking behind us, strange white statue men jumping out at us as we walked past & walking up and down the walkway THREE times having NO CLUE where we were going, we made it to the gold shop to have the gold weighed.
Oh the dreams we had of what to our riches on........
We walked away with a cash cheque for............
Twenty bucks UGH!
So we found an English sweet shop & spent $33 instead lol!

You're probably wondering where the chicken comes into this story right?
Well that's what we had for dinner with some gravy.

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