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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Party Invites.

So many to choose from but when you want a certain one - no chance!
I have a 1yo monster turning 2 that's wants a Dora & Elmo themed party & a 4yo turning 5 that wants a Spiderman themed party.

I've bought a few things but would like personalise some invites for them.
I looked & even googled to see if there was a website for 'Mothers who have picky children that have to have themed character partys' but alas, not a one.

I'm down to playing around with computer programs & starting from scratch - when I buy some time that is.
I don't mind making it but sheesh with all the technology these days I should just be able to click on a magic button that does eveything all by itself - haha - now THAT would be worth it's weight in gold!

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