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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Picture If You Will....

A grown man turning white & passing out in a doctors chair after a blood test this morning! Yes that's what REALLY happened
Hubby was all fine & dandy until the two jaw dropping words were uttered by the Dr. Jekyl & Hyde .
'Blood test'
I looked over at him and his facial expression dropped. He was NOT happy.

We walk into the blood test room and he sits in the chair as instructed.
She puts the strap around his arm and wipes his skin with an alcohol wipe.

That's when it started.

He rested his head back against the wall and she put the needle in.
About 30 seconds later he said he 'didn't feel to good' and started rolling his head from side to side, squirming in the chair, sweating and then it happend.

His eyes rolled back in his head and he began to slump out of the chair looking extremely pale and yellow.

I've got a 4yo spinning around on an office chair whilst the toddler is trying to open the door and escape. That's when I smelt the AWFUL poo poo smell & realised Sonaeyas nappy bag was in the car!

I was tapping hubbys face yelling like a woman possessed asking if he was still with us and to wake up. He sat there moaning, groaning and for some strange reason lifting his top lip and baring his teeth.

This went on for around 20minutes until I rang my dad for re-enforcments so I could get hubby back to my car.

He sat in the car half asleep, Sonaeya still stank and was screaming her head off and Koby just wanted a drink.

I had two cheques to deposit into my account and kids panadol to buy among a list of about eight other things.

It was onwards and upwards for me so off we all drove.

In the end, Koby was thirty minutes late for kindy, Sonaeya was asleep and hubby couldn't keep his eyes open so we went home.

Sonaeya slept for THREE hours, hubby snoozed on the lounge & I picked up Koby from kindy & went to get a free box of deliscious fresh lemons that were overflowing from a friends tree.

Who knew that lemon trees had thorns? If you knew then you should have told ME first!

P.S. Sneaky pic of hubby passed out in the chair below HEHEHEHEHE!

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