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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So I SHOULD be dead apparently......

My cleaning client cancelled last night so no work for me today.
Woke up late, dropped the kids at childcare, dropped hubby at the train station to go to an interview & decided I take my car to the mechanics on the drive home, to find out what all the bloody banging is when I turn the wheel to reverse out of my driveway.
I EXPLAAAAAIIIINED to him that I'd recently bought & had installed, lower ball joints & wheel bearings but he checked anyway by hoisting up my car and started wiggling the tyre left & right with his bare hands
He wrenched my entire tyre off of my fu****g frigging car!
My ball joint COMPLETELY broke out & the other side was not much better.
He turned to me and said "You should be dead you know."
"I cannot believe you've been driving it like that & not had an accident & died - wow"
Yeah, thanks for the easy let down there!
"but they're BRAND NEW" I cried.
I stood there & cried at the thought of having no car for days, kids to get to childcare & kindy as well as errands to run & the thought of dragging taking the kids everywhere by bus whilst they try & chase the 'bubbies' (birdies) and dogs.
A quote of $290 later to repair, the car parts store where I bought the original ball joints to yell bloody murder have a stern word with, a hubby to pick up from the train station & explain the gory details too & kids to collect & re-drop off using hubbys car.
I was told it would be ready by today and with 20minutes to go until closing time - I doubt it really..........


Helsyd said...

shit!!- I hope the car parts store is going to pay the bill on those ball joints! I'd be so angry!!

Mum - Mainly Upbringing Monsters said...

OH! Believe ME I'm FURIOUS but I don't think it was the parts themselves. I THINK the truck yard that popped the ball joints in (after they squashed one in their machine) put a second hand balljoint in rather than a new one but as they did it for free I have no receipt so AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH MF!

My kids also decided to put 3 boxes of tampons in the the bath water to play submarines - there goes ANOTHER $30 2nite.

Can't believe people read my blog lol!