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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sorry about being MIA - Vertimonde

MIA I hear you thinking? Vertimonde - what on earth is that?
Well here we go with an explanation.
I've been Missing In Action for three days so I must apologise.
Here goes:
Hubby finished work early so after dropping Koby at childcare I left him with the sleeping baby whilst I went to finish up the shopping I hadn't managed to get on Monday.
I return home 2.5 hours later & the computer was as slow as anything, things were popping up left right & centre on the screen & hubby SWEARS it wasn't him. (Yeah right, tirns out it this Vertimonde virus/Adware thingo was from a song he downloaded - good one hubby dearest!)
After myself working on the computer for THREE DAYS trying to get rid of it I called in re-enforcments.
My brother.
Like six hours later he gets rid of an adware, popping-up-screen-thingy-all-the-time program that had found it's way onto the computer, along with a few trojan horses.
Not the type of trojan horse they used in the Greek times or whatever, the virus that likes to infect your entire computer & have you in a COMPLETE panicked state thinking you'll loose everything, type of virus.
UGH! and *SIGH*
I was at the point I was going to put a new computer on finance - no seriously - I was.
I can't live without my computer!
It has all the photos of my babies on it, my car when I slowly stripped all the paint off it and had it re-painted purple with holo flakes through it, my holidays snaps, my mothers group pics, party pictures you name it.
I may even still get another computer yet - three years and counting with this one & it's classed as 'ancient' now lol!
My daughter ran away down the street whilst I had my back turned today & my son took me for a walk run around the block by pedalling as fast as he possibly could with me puffing and panting behind him like an Umpa Lumpa.
Time for a cuppa & some chocolate cake for me!


Anonymous said...

how did you get rid of it? sry if i asked 2s.

Mum - Mainly Upbringing Monsters said...

I rang my brother after running every program I could think of & even after it said it was deleted - it wasn't!
He spent about 8 hours here - it was really hard to destroy but I know it was something to do with Windows system restore so it had to be turned off.
Hope this helps?