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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Things Kids Do.....

At 3am!
Sheesh I knew my kid was weird but goodness me!
So there I was, sleeping peacefully in my bed when in runs my 4yo boy crying & yelling at me.
"mum I can't get it out it's stuck"
I sit up wondering what on earth he's talking about, to see him pulling the front of his hair.
On closer inspection I see that SOMEHOW he's got a giant blob of blue tack completely squashed in the front of his hair - BOYS!
After teasing his hair out as much as I could I realised I'd been defeated.
The blue tack had beaten me.........
THIS time......
Hubby retrieved the scissors & I cut the front chunk of his hair out - blue tack and all.
I've even posted an embarrassing picture below & will be sure to use it at his 21st.
What can I say? When a child runs into your room at 3am after doing something stupid, how can I NOT use is a payback ha ha!
Other than that my car needs repairs to the steering underneath (YIPPEE!) & hubby is working on a public holiday for the same crappy wage - no extra for working a public holiday as usual.
Couldn't attach a pic as for some reason the Optus site is receiving them so here's another sigh coming....

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