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Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy Day....

Up for work at 6am.
Drop 2x kids at childcare 7am
Work 5 hours
Go home to change clothes
Go grocery shopping
Put groceries away
Pick up 2x kids
Get take-away for dinner (Monday nights only)
Go to the MILs house for her birthday cake
Seperate fighting kids THREE times!
Decide the SCREAMING baby needs bedtime
Decides screaming toddler also needs bedtime
Come back home
Put baby to bed
Toddler fell asleep too
Put a load of washing on
Tidy the kitchen
Check out a website
Stuck engrossed in browsing for 3 hours
Baby awakes crying
Settle baby
Return to lounge room
Go back to find the dummy baby has lost
Return to lounge room
Toddler awakes
Feed him Weetbix
Suggest he clean his face
He informs me I too need to clean my face to make me look 'gorgeous'.
Toddler confirms I look gorgeous ith a clean face - not sure if he was referring to my make-up or the fact he thought I had a dirty face?

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