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Monday, June 2, 2008

Work Sucks!

I worked an extra hour today - ferel people - how can they make so much MESS!
of course they had to have a 3 day sale during MY 4 days of working so guess who had AAAAAAAAALLLLL the fun of cleaning up after everyone?
Can't guess?
vacuuming for 3 hours straight is NOT my idea of fun & neither is grocery shopping straight after work & minutes before picking up the kids from childcare but I have to do it do I because that's what mums DO!

I had to re-arrange my husband V8 race driving that I bought for him back in APRIL as after re-surfacing the race track they found a 'sink hole' so EEEEEEEVERYTHING had to be scheduled for July instead.
He's been looking forward to it with only 1 week to go & BOOM another 4 weeks added on top.
Just another Monday I guess......

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