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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well.... so to speak.
I suppose I should be thanking the Mexicans actually as it's THEIR banana & strawberry juice carton that helped.
Let me explain.
Whilst cooking dinner last night, hubby was drying & putting away the dishes (I KNOW he's VERY well trained you know)
AAAAAANYWAY, something hit him & he thought I'd thrown something at him.
Turns out something had broken off inside the dryer and flung out the back of the fan whilst the dryer was drying a load.

We decided to pull the dryer apart. (we ended up doing that 3 times too)
Bit of duct tape here & a piece over there - Voila! Dryer fixed.

Or so we thought.

We turned it on and the drum was scraping against the door frame bit, but if I pushed the front just under the door the noise was barely noticeable.
I then set about trying to find something of the right height and reasonably heavy to keep the front in.
I discovered after trying a 2L tomato sauce bottle, 8 1L milk cartons and a 2L fruit juice carton (product of Mexico) that the fruit juice carton fitted perfectly just under the dryer door to stop the scraping noise of the drum.
Either that or I was doomed to forever sit with my butt against the front of our dryer.
Without any spare cash (as usual) the following picture is now the temporary solution (probably for the next few months at least) of how to quieten our dryer.


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