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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Go Thomas, Go Thomas....

All aboooooAAAAARRRRDDDDDD! Train is leaving in 5 minutes MOVE IT!
Well it was the party for the 2yo today & no I didn't really say that to my kids before we left lol.
They were all sat in the car waiting for ME but I was still getting ready due to JUST returning home from work, jumping in the shower & shooting straight out to 'the' party!
Well SHEESH! All the kids party food was put into separate 'carriages' of the handmade Thomas train and crepe paper train track made by the mother - AMAZING - it really was & SOOO much effort had been put into it I really didn't want to eat the food in case I broke a paper carriage!
The kids played games & ate non stop - continually running into the room holding and ice cream cake - LITERALLY - an ice cream cake.
This clever, clever lady had baked chocolate muffin mixture INSIDE flat bottomed ice cream cones & covered them in sprinkles so they REALLY looked like ice creams.
Makes my feeble party plans pale in comparison really.
Both kids fell asleep upon our return home so it's time for me to watch 'Hannibal' YUUUUUUM!

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