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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Half A Day To Relax (Yeah, RIGHT!)

So, my regular cleaning client cancelled on me the afternoon before & hubby wasn't working today, so, we dropped the kids off for their usual stay in jail Tuesday morning childcare session, whilst we both finished buying the few groceries we didn't manage to get yesterday.
8:30am items bought, lottery ticket acquired.
8:45am cafe to eat then off to a small store for cheap bargains like leaf shaped bowls & pink items for the impending second birthday of our little monster princess Dora.
9:30am back home completing laundry whilst hubby works on his squealing fan belt in his car.
10:30am, a few more loads of washing done, floor tidied, dishes washed & stacked, benches wiped down, shoes put back on the shelf, clothes folded & returned to their respective 'homes' in the drawers and various shelves.
11am, SIL arrive & waits behind at 12:20pm whilst we retrieve the kids from jail childcare.
By 1:30pm there's another load of laundry to do, floor is trashed with toys, paper and food crumbs, there's more dishes to do after their snack and drinks, the benches have crumbs and various food & or liquid spills on them, shoes have been pulled off and dumped where they fell, dirty clothes have been ripped off little bodies and strewn across the lounge room floor and I rush around like a headless chicken trying to make it look oh so clean and fresh again - YEAH!

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