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Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Found a Job For Hubby In Less Than a Minute!

Yeay I'm good (well we all knew that right? No? Well I did)
After getting the shits keep driving all around the state to keep signing hubby & myself up for job agencies, I decided I'd just get the Yellow Pages online & search for transport companies & ring them all up harassing them senseless asking for truck driving work for my hubby.

After ringing 6-7 companies I found one local (30 seconds drive from our HOUSE!) & the lady asked for me to email his resume and send him down to fill in paperwork.

I'm in a panic as the farm he's worked on for the past 7 years is closing down in less than 2 weeks.

The lady (Julie) must have liked him as she mentioned they'd been advertising for a truckie & that she had 20 odd applicants to go through.
Hubby returned home within 20minutes of leaving the house telling me he'd been offered the job!
This is one of my 'good wifey' moments!

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