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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jobs All Around

Turns out there's a job going at work in Admin that I can apply for - not sure how it'll look with the store cleaner applying for an admin/PA position but hey - I'm qualified, certificate III in Business & only a few have applied so I figure - why not?

I put a ring on layby for hubby as a congratulations prezzie for hubby - just so he knows I'm proud if him!
Beautiful gold ring for $125 too but layby it is - that sort of cash is hard to come by with these frickkin petrol prices, I mean, $1.65LITRE!

On another note, after a visit to the ER with Sonaeya the other morning, she has a big white blister where the bug bite was so I'm guessing it was a nasty spider of some sort for her to have had that sort of reaction.

No one told me it was school holidays so therefore - no kindy for Koby!
Great, 2 screaming kids, beating the crap outta each other with fly swats - YES - fly swats. I have video footage to prove it somewhere around here too - I took it a few days ago - I'm loving my new digital camera.

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