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Sunday, July 6, 2008

MIA Again Sorry But Here's The Thing....

After coming home from work yesterday, I noticed a bite mark on Sonaeyas thigh at about 2pm (Not like a human bite mark, like, the bug sort.)

It was about the size of a pea so I thought I'd better keep an eye on it.

Well being the ever so diligent mother that I am.................. I forgot to check it.

At around 10pm I heard hubby saying "What the HELL is THAT?" Instantly I knew what he was referring to and rushed over.
Sure enough, there was the 'pea' sized bug bite now about 3 x 3cm & it was straight to the ER for us!!

After dropping Koby at the MIL's house so he could sleep, we waited around an hour with only 2 others in front of us (suprising concidering it's usually at least a 2-3 hour wait in the ER before being seen)

The vending machine took my money but didn't return my change, so I was on the phone to the vending machine company. As I was doing so, Sonaeya got bored and decided it would be fun to squash her face & yell as-loud-as-possible through and glass partition window, much to the delight of the few in the waiting room!

Eventually we were called into the back rooms and I made her a 'chicken' out of a rubber glove. I was upstaged by the patient next door (whom was guarded by a security guard outside - EEEEEEK!)

He'd made a little chicken glove, a 'tea pot' glove & a 'cat' glove.

Not happy to just look at the gloves Sonaeya thought it was GREEEEAT fun to kick the 'gloves' around instead.

That was how the night played out.
By 1:30am we were back home with Sonaeya sleeping soudly on the way home in her car seat.
The bite had gotten bigger whilst we were there (we knew because a male nurse had drawn a circle around it) & their only solution was to put cream on it and go home - what a waste of time but lucky it wasn't anything more seriously!

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