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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Typical Day I Guess....

So the kids have been MONSTERS since they woke up this morning, I never DID manage to finish drying all the sheets off our bed yesterday after washing them but, HEY!
Hubby finished work today until he starts his new job on Monday!
His boss is being a COMPLETE asshole telling him he's not paying him the 12weeks of annual leave he owes him.
For 7 years he's given him 2 weeks annual leave yearly instead of 4 weeks which is law.
Hubby confronted him about it & he told my hubby he was a 'casual' worker not a 'full time'.
He's been paid sick leave and annual leave yearly so his boss is wrong & I'M right so ner ner!
Now I've submitted a formal investigation to recover the money - I mean seriously - he's taking ME on? What a joke. He'll learn the hard way.
That's been bugging me all day, along with my kids who have been running RIOT for no apparent reason. I guess that's what all kids do but SERIOUSLY I don't remember torturing MY parents like that............ Did I?
No, No I couldn't have.
I smell freshly cooked pancakes thanks to the hubby in the kitchen.
Now to find the maple syrup *licks lips* *SLUUUUUUURP*

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