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Sunday, July 27, 2008

V8 Race called & me MIA again SORRY!

So I woke up at 5am on Saturday morning with a migraine that brought tears to my eyes!
For the first time EVER I called in sick & included having Sunday off as well!
With my pounding forehead I had a friend over for one of my famous beef roasts (No not like omg there's that celebrity beef roast meal from TV! Just that people know me for cooking a yum roast dinner, but whatever floats your boat)
ANYWAY I ended up taking my Tramadol medication that sends me even more crazy than I already am really crazy and 'buzzy' in the head & I passed out at midnight after spending up big on clothes for Sonaeya from Ebay *SIGH*
I woke up this morning (Sunday) head still hurting but manageable, shot out to the friends house that had come over for dinner the night before, to try & fix her computer that was riddled with viruses, worms, trojans, spyware & other little goodies!
Installed a few spyware programs etc that required a restart. Restarted the computer & then it wouldn't load onto Windows - OOOOOPPSS!
Had to leave it for a while whilst I drove Steven to his V8 race that I'd paid $300 for his birthday back in April, & that had to be re-arranged due to track issues THREE TIMES already!
LOOOOOOONG story short there, it rained, his 2:15pm track time was changed to 5pm, he decided to get a refund & buy some model cars instead - I felt terrible for him due to all the months of preparation it took to FINALLY get his laps arranged.
We came home then 30minutes later were back out to the SAME friends house again to try & get her computer fixed so she could research the company she was being interviewed for a job for the next day - not so.
Computer still stuffed, she has a foreign exchange student over to visit, it's 10pm here & I'm STILL not in bed.
I have to be up at 6am and then straight after work at 1:30pm, I'm picking up said friends child from a relatives house so I can babysit her until her mummy returns home from work.
It's been flay out here for 2 days and OOOOOOOOHHHH not to mention the fact that SOMEHOW hubby yet AGAIN managed to infest my computer with a virus spyware thing GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!

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