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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Virus & Cars!

So after my thumping migraine on Saturday, I awoke with golf balls that had been rammed to the back of my throat & set on fire with a blow torch.
Oh...... Don't forget the feeling of a truck that had reversed over my chest.

Well Now it's Wednesday & unbelievably - I feel worse if that's possible.
I'm now barking like a deranged dog - Loveelllllyyyy.
My chest feels like it's about to explode & I may have to call in sick for work on Friday - oh that should go down JUST lovely.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not often sick if ever - but when I do get sick - I really get sick & this is no exception.
I'll probably end up putting the kids in all day childcare tomorrow so I can get some rest, maybe just the youngest - cruel as that sounds but after todays little episode of 'As IF I'm Going To Have A Nap' starring my ever so loud daughter - I think I'll need to in order to retain the TINY molecule of sanity that I THINK I still own..... Maybe.

Lets not forget yesterdays interesting saga of getting 10metres from home & having to pull over due to shocking steering of my car, to find the tyre had COMPLETELY deflated & was just hanging there whilst stupid me was driving on the rim.
A helpful old man changing my tyre later whilst complete IDIOTS un-necessarily sped past, saw me get Koby to kindy on time - JUST!
Don't get me wrong here again - I can change a tyre - in fact I was half way through changing my tyre when the helpful old guy prised my hands off my wheel brace due to my stubborness - only because Sonaeya was hysterical & crying for me in the car & he was worried about me being run over.

Thankyou to whomever you were - he took off before I had the chance to say a proper thankyou as my dad rocked up to take Sonaeya.
As for this virus I have one thing to say to that PPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

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