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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wet Weather Monsters!

"What NOW Sonaeya?"
"Bowbee mummy"
"Koby give her the blocks back & stop being mean to your sister!"
Koby come out from behind the lounge! I can't see what you're doing & I don't like it!"

"BeeBee come eaaarrr BeeBEEEEEEEEEEE!"
"Sonaeya stop shouting, ssssshhhhhhhh"
"Haha I can see one there"
"What are you two talking about over there?"
"Nothing mum, nothing."
(Insert inanely high pitched laughter from a 4yo boy & 1.5yo girl here & you can see what I'm up against) I'm worried.
"I gotta see THIS!"
"What Koby?"
"Nothing mummy."
(I can hear the handle of the front door jingling at this point)
"What are you doing NOW Koby?"
"I gotta go outside to see the RAIN!"
"NO! It's too cold outside & it's wet!"
"Oh so only birds go outside then today mummy?"
"Well today, yes"
"Oh....... Ok then I'll go to the window."
I actually have a thumping headache so this screaming from my daughter is piercing through my head like a hot poker.
"MUMMy, mummmyyyy MUUUUMMMMMY"
I look over at my daughter after her continual high pitched screaming of 'mummy', only for her to turn around and say "Hi!"
UGH! My poor thumping head - it much be the wet weather. Maybe there was a full moon last night?
Who knows......

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