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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Woe Is Me....

A girls night - oh the fun, the JOY, of a girls night!
After being made 30minutes late due to having to tow the BIL car, I eventually got got the cafe booked for the girls night.
All 8 of us had a laugh & a chat then it was time to ponder what we were to do next.
Only 2 places had karaoke on that night & they weren't 'desirable' places for 8 ladies to be so it was back to a friends house.
The Sambucca shots were lined up & drank by all but one of us, the Southern Comfort was out along with Kahlua, vodka, Midori & a few others.
I've never seen my friend SO drunk before, she even got a little up close & personnel with the door frame to her sons bedroom door frame & almost her kitchen floor too!
Myself & her partner watched & laughed at her as she SWORE she could pop grains of popcorn by positioning 3 mobile phones around a few grains of the corn, then ring all 3 phones at once.
"But I've seen it on You Tube" she giggled. "It really does work because I've seen it done on You Tube" Sure, sure, whatever you say.
We had to laugh as for 30minutes she kept ringing the phones & waiting for the corn to pop - of course it didn't though.
After laughing, giggling, singing & wiggling our bums it was time to go home so I could get some sleep before work that day.
Yes work that day, I returned home at 6am this morning & went to work 3.5 hours later.
Oh for girls nights!

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