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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bloody Beds....


Why is it SOOOOOO hard to find a nice bed?

Let me explain.

I bought a black metal and wooden bed 5 years ago for the bargain price of $99.

Well it's in need of replacement & I'm after a nice wooden one with wooden slats & big chunky feet - don't know why I JUST DO!

So I found one I fell in love with INSTANTLY but alas - It was $2500!

Check it out & let me know what you think:

It has wrought iron in the middle of the headboard & some iron work done by a real blacksmith on the legs.

I don't know why I liked this but I did & AAAAAAAALLLLLL the others I looked at paled in comparison.

Ugh I'm in love with that bed so if anyone happens to have a spare $2500 I'd be grateful.



One day - After all that driving around we didn't find another that was anywhere NEAR as good - not happy jan.

I'm still recovering from a virus - it hit me hard - but my holiday to Queensland next weekend should fix all that :-)

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