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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did I Mention I HATE Westinghouse Service?

UGH! After the whole 'I bought a brand new oven but the timer is broken' debacle, I rang Westinghouse on Monday.
'Sure. We can get someone there tomorrow.'
Awesome me thinks.
Me thinks wrong.
Did I mention UGH?
I was informed that 'He only does your area in the mornings.'
Tough I said as I'm working it has to be afternoon.
'Well he does it in the morning.'
I said "So your telling me that, because it's not convenient for him in the afternoon, my oven wont be fixed under warranty?'
"He only does your area in the morning.'
Broken record here I thought.
I realised that I wasn't working this Tuesday so booked it for the morning stipulating that between 8:30 - 9am I'd be dropping the kids off at childcare/kindy.
'That's fine I'll note it down.
Along with that she noted the colour, model & type etc of the oven.

Well by 10:30am no repair guy. I ring Westinghouse & am informed he's still on a job & there were 3 more before me.
By 11:30am he was cutting it fine, I rang Westinghouse AGAIN asking what was going on & was informed by the call worker, that he works all day & that I wasn't booked in for a morning I was booked in for whenever he could get here. They said there's nothing they could do & assured me he'd ring me 30minutes before he was due to arrive.
I forgot to put petrol in my car last night so was in the red. If I left to get petrol at 12pm I'd be able to pick the kids up by 12:30pm, otherwise they charge me for a full days care.
I left at 12pm I received a phone call whilst in the queue for petrol. I was 3rd in line. He said he was on his way & would be at my house in 15minutes but the suburb he was in was only 5 minutes away!
I said he'd have to wait as I'd waited all morning for him & desperately needed petrol so I could pick up my son, so he did (bless him!)

Upon driving down my street I noticed the road had been dug up & that there was a police car & an ambulance 2 houses down from mine. A lady was taken away with a bandage around her head. Poor thing.
I showed the guy into the kitchen & explained the disgusting attitude of the sales staff where I bought the oven from & the different stories I was told via the different call centre workers. He informed me that he could have come out ANYTIME today & then proceeded to tell me that he didn't have a timer & would have to order one in. I'd have to wait another WEEK before it could be fixed.
I told him that I informed the call centre staff of the problem & gave them EVERY DETAIL of my oven & model number etc to pass on to him.
He said he wasn't told it was the timer at all.
So, STILL no oven timer BUT I happened to go to Target today & picked up 2 pairs of 'Little Miss Naughty' slippers for $4.88 each - BARGAIN!

On antoher note, I'm loving my quiet tumble dryer - it's a shame my kids can't be quiet to match, always talking or yelling over the top of my programs.
It must be a built in feature that has no options. My preference would be 'Talk when I ask a question.'
My 4 yo is driving me INSANE with his constant questions. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for him learning & answer with as much detail as possible but when he constantly asking me things like
"MUUM! WHY is the grass green & not red or blue mummy?"
'I don't know darling. That's just the colour it grows.'
"How does it grow mummy?"
'Water & the dirt help it babe.'
"MUUUM! Why do police help children?"
'Because it's their job & they like to help children.'
"But why?"
'They just do darling.'
"MUUUUM! Why do people have skin?"
'So it can protect all the parts inside like your bones darling.'
"But why do we NEED it mummy?"
'Because if we didn't protect our bodies & the parts inside, we'd get sick & die.'
"But WHY mummy?"
'We just would hunny.'
"MUUUUUM! How do washing machines wash stuff?"
'They put water on the clothes & bash them around to get your food out.'
"MUUUUUUM!" Why do you have curtains?"
'So we can keep the sun out when it's hot or the cold out in winter.'
"MUUUUUUUM!" What's winter?
'It's cold weather & rain babe.'
"But why?"

What would you say to him?
This was all in the past 10 minutes. I'm too tired for this lol but I do want him to be told the truth though.
I'm busting to bake a cake in my 'new' oven but I want my timer!
May mean nothing to those ho cook but I live by my timer!
Oh ho I miss my 2nd hand oven with it's perfectly working timer!

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Anonymous said...

I told you that you are welcome to borrow my new one (Baby) come Christmas to remind you why you DON"T want one yet! LOL S