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Friday, August 29, 2008


So, did the usual Friday thing.
Got up at 6am, got ready for work, loaded the kids into the car, dropped them off at childcare, negotiated the Port Wakefield Road roadworks, pi**ed off some more drivers that were trying to drive at 90kph in 60zones or less due to the roadworks & arrived to work on time for a change (YEAY GO ME!)
Then as I was pulling up I realised I'd forgotten my friggin room key (Great!)
Instead of starting at 8am I had to wait until 8:45am until someone from Admin arrived so I could get a spare key!
AAAAAAAAAnyway I got everything I could done whilst I had no key & THEN found out from the bedding supervisor that there was a 'Super Saturday' sale on meaning the store was opening tomorrow at 6AM!
6AM meant I had to be there at 5am or sooner. O.M.G.
Admin decided I should come back at 4pm today after finishing at 1pm.
WEEEEEEELLLLLL after spending the morning doing everything I usually did I THEN had to vacuum ALL the displays as they decided to re-arrange the furniture!
Due to the 12c photo sale there were 5x the normal orders so 5x the normal rubbish - great!
THEN the girl was so busy in the photo centre that all the waste water just spilt all over the floor making a HUGE orange watery mess everywhere.
Guess who had to clean THAT up?
Wow your psychic powers are AMAZING!
THEN the 2 bins in the computing departments 'lunch room' were overflowing after clearing out the cupboards.
All up I was late by 1.5 hours so finished at 3:30pm!
I had to pick up the kids and drop them off at the MILS and go back to work again to clean all over again ready for tomorrow.
I'd not had a break all day & was starving hungry but I don't get allowed a break.

Hubby finished late so was only there for 20minutes before the store closed.
I didn't get to vacuum the warehouse which hadn't been done & there was NO STOCK until Monday so I've had to go to the shop to buy some for work - my boss is going to LOVE that one.

I've also been on the phone all day arranging & yelling at Westinghouse about sorting out my fu***ng oven STILL!
He arranged to come after 1:30pm today and GUESS WHAT?
You guys are amazing haha!
He finished early for the day and said if I wasn't there by 1pm he wasn't coming!
I said tough buddy but you arranged for after 1:30pm but he refused.
I then had some drive to my work, get my house keys & wait for him at my house.
12:30pm-1:30pm the repairer didn't show so I spoke to PR at the store that I bought it.
Only thing he could get out of the managers at Westinghouse was to arrange ANOTHER TIME to suit me. This is the THIRD TIME I've re-arranged and the THIRD time THEY'VE stuffed ME around.
The call centre supervisor then said I was being unreasonable - I completely LOST it then. I'm not a nice person when people stuff me around after I've taken time off work, been charged an extra days childcare coz I was late picking them up due to the repairer turning up late & having them decide they want to go home rather than FIX MY OVEN!
To top it of I was up for work at 6AM and didn't get home from work until 6PM tonight.
The kids are exhausted & in bed, hubby is sleeping on the lounge & it's 9:24pm yet I can hear the laundry SCREAMING out to be folded, the dishes crying because they're dirty & the toy boxes calling out to be re-filled.
Oh the joys of mother hood! I've only had 30minutes with my babies all day & it's just not fair I've missed them SO much.

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