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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hectic Week!

So guess what?
Yes just as your powers of telepathy deducted - my oven blew 5 days before Sonaeyas 2nd birthday party!
One of the elements is shorting out & turning off the entire oven.
Guess what AGAIN?
Yes you're right again, it can't be fixed because it's a solid element.
So off I went to the shops to order a new one as well as a new tumble dryer since I've been using my old one like this:

I figured I REALLY needed to upgrade to a not so 'juicy' model.

They both arrived today BUT I can't use the oven until tomorrow which is the earliest ANY electrician could get here & install it gggggrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I hired a skip & rid myself of a shed of junk & various bits & pieces around the back yard, ready for the 'Dora' party I'm stupidly dutifully throwing for my little girl this weekend.

I've so far bought 18 plastic under bed storage boxes for under my bed & have been frantically packing away all the kids small clothes & toys - oh the sheer JOY of re-folding hundreds of clothes items that I don't yet have time to sell.

We borrowed a trailer to take all the bottles & cans etc to cash in for the kids & I forgot to pay the balance of the money owing on my delivery, but so did they until 3 hours later.
My overlocker was serviced & returned today but I've yet to find the time to play with it since it's return to it's home under my table.

To top it off my boss happened to call me a 'liar' over the phone after I made it clear that a certain other employee (there's only 2 of us) is NOT doing his job properly & I was told to back off & stop making accusations. Oh so nice.

On a final note I would like to send my condolences out to Sheena Jones's family.
She died this week after a hard & agonising battle with incurable, internal skin cancer.
Aged 23 she was the loving mother of 2 little children, Cohen & Kaylee & loving wife to Justin.
RIP beautiful angel - forever missed by her friends & family.

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