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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Insane Few Days But PARTY TIME!

So after having the oven arrive to find the timer stops working, I visited the store after work to get it replaced or swapped over before Sonaeyas birthday party today.
I was quite frankly told tough shit lady "You'll have to wait until Monday & then ring Westinghouse to have it repaired under warranty"
ME: "Are you serious? You knew I bought it here in order to have a working oven & timer for Sundays party. I want it fixed by tomorrow (Saturday)."
THEM: "Well you'll have to pay the delivery then."
ME:"WTF! I JUST paid an electrician $95 to install it. You sold me a faulty product that I paid a lot of money for brand new. YOU have it delivered & take up the cost of delivery with Westinghouse yourself on Monday for providing YOU with faulty stock."
THEM: "Nope not going to happen lady."
ME: Expletives yelled at them before storming out. I was LIVID!

ANYWAAAAAAAAYYYY the party as awesome. Sonaeya received lots of beautiful Dora gifts & fell asleep 1.5 hours early. 9:15pm later she's still sleeping so good.

Here's a pic of the cake I made from SCRATCH mind you!

This photo was taken before her 'foundation' was applied to her face & her mouth filled in properly.
Bloody photobucket has been stuffing around on me for 2 days & I couldn't get in to post this pic for you!

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Helsyd said...

the cake looks fantastic Jemma!!
I've been waiting to hear about Sonaeya's birthday!

I'm glad the party went well!