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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birdies! & Lousy Job!

Soooooo I went to put a load of laundry on & I heard a chirping noise coming from my laundry room wall.
I walked outside to have a look but couldn't see or hear anything.
I went back inside to do the washing & sure enough I could hear birds chirping.
I went BACK outside & got a ladder for a look. Although I couldn't ACTUALLY see a nest I realised that a bird had nested behind a broken eave! Wonderful!
I rang around some friends & pinned down my dad who would help after work so then I rang the RSPCA.
They told me that they wouldn't come out unless I got the chicks out first so my dad came around & pulled the eave off. He pulled the nest out (it was aaaallllll down the inside of my wall) & 3 little chicks got yanked out through the air with the nest! They're alive & pictured here:

Aren't they the UGLIEST little chicks you've ever seen?
I rang back the RSPCA to organise for the chicks to be collected only to be told 'We don't care for birds or chicks. You'll have to try fauna rescue instead'
I argued that I was told I was to get them from my roof first & that the RSPCA would send somebody out to collect them. Again I was told that they don't take birds. I'm REALLY not impressed with the RSPCA at all
I rang fauna rescue & had a lady come to collect them.
I just rang the lady that took them away to care for them at Fauna Rescue - such a wonderful lady & very concerned for their welfare - turns out I almost froze them to death as they needed a hot water bottle of some sort. She just filled a drink bottle with hot water & snuggled it next to them - they were chirping again in no time!

Now - in regards to my job - OMG!
I just received a call from my friend to inform me that the guy whom interviewed me weeks ago, has now told the company that he never even offered me the job in the first place! I've already told my area manager about the job & he's waiting to hear from me about giving my weeks notice!
The guy wont even talk to me now & has since been fired from the company. They have a new accountant but he doesn't want to get involved with all of this.
What am I going to do? Needless to say I've had a cry this afternoon over it as I was REALLY looking forward to working with a friend & receiving a little extra training. Now I'm stuck emptying bins & vacuuming floors for a living. Can you see why I cried?

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