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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Go The Adelaide Show!

So Steven & I suprised Koby today by taking him to the Royal Adelaide Show!
He had a wonderful time & YEEEEEEESS! Of course I took photos.

This is daddy & Koby on the dodgem cars:

Koby on a bungee jumping rope thingy!

Rope swing check out the tongue:

Riding the Thunderbolt with mummy (he actually came off screaming that he was scared :-()


I'm a beaUUUUUUTiful burnt red colour on my shoulder & a little on my face.
I did the 'dutiful' mummy thing & went on every single high ride, the swisty rides, the stomach churning rides - you name it!
I felt rather sick after the 6-7th stomach churner ride so we took a walk around & called it a day.
All in all it was an AWESOME day!

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