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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Leaking Ear & Beach Fun!

So, Kobys feeling much better now & started back at kindy yesterday.
Well the day before that (Tuesday) daddy finished really early at 11am as they weren't busy so I decided to take Koby to the beach!
There's a story behind this too. Wanna hear it? No? Wanna read about it? No?
Well don't read this then!
Koby kindy class went to the beach last Wednesday & I wouldn't let him go.
Yes I'm a mean, evil, nasty mother that found out they were using old buses that had no seat belts.
Now not too long ago we purchased a new booster seat for Koby after the SIL snapped his old one & wouldn't replace it with a new one.
His NEW seat bolted into the car as well as a seatbelt for added safety. I didn't see the logic in buying him a fancy booster seat for safety if we were going to let him just get in a bus un-restrained & drive 30minutes down south.

AAAAAAAAnyway so we got in the car and after driving for 40 minutes (please remember here that I wasn't driving, not me, the blonde, but Steven my husband, the TRUCK DRIVER. HE was the one driving) I thought 'This can't be right. Semaphore beach isn't this far away is it?' I questioned my husband (the truck driver) & he assured me Semaphore beach was the next beach.
I (the blonde) decided to check the map & keeled over in shock informed my husband (the truck driver) that he'd infact COMPLETELY missed the beach turn off & was infact 30minutes further down south than we should be.
I (the blonde) then began instructing my husband (the truck driver) on how to drive back up north to get to the beach we were supposed to have been at half an hour ago!

Did I mention that my husband is a truck driver? He's supposed to KNOW these things & has driven to Semaphore beach many times before.
Anyway so here's some pics of the day!
This is mummy building Koby a ramp out of sand for his monster trucks:

These are my boys - notice the similarities here?

My boys wiggling their feet into the sand & waiting for the waves:

Daddy knocked Koby into the water so Koby took chase:

Mummys chocolate orange ice cream - YUMMY!

Oh look! It's a random wave:

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