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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Marble cake & STUPID mobile phones!

Marble cake. No idea how to do it but I attempted one today with ok results!
I doubled a cake recipe and had either half seperate.
On half I made chocolate flavoured and the other I split in half again with one being vanilla & one pink in colour.
I then poured them seperately into the same cake tin (along with a few small butterly moulds & teddy bear moulds) & the results were like this:

Only thing is I can't actually SHOW you the photos as Optus zoo website is 'temporarily unavailable' GREAT!
Oh it worked here goes:

Or not - keeps telling me my password's wrong but it's NOT!
Now there's too many failed log ins - f*!?#$%^&* Photofuc*it!

I didn't think it looked too bad so I'll ice it tomorrow for Fathers Day as we're having a BBQ at the in-laws house on their brand new bbq!
Whilst going through the photos folder I found a few cute ones of the kids I thought I'd share from a few days ago whilst we were waiting for daddy to come home from work:

Or not thanks to Photofuc*it again!

In regards to my phone UGH!
I took both hubbys & mine in a few weeks ago for repair (they're identical.) Mine would reset all by itself & his screen kept going blank. 10 odd days later we got them back.
They only JUST turned 1 years old a week ago & guess WHAT?
You really are amazing physic readers you know!
Yes you're right - the screen on mine started going black & working when it felt as of last night so it'll now COST me to get fixed due to the warranty running out last week r so.
Bugga that - I'll have to buy new ones for us BOTH next week - should have stuck to the trusty Nokias but silly blonde me bought Sony Ericssons & they suck big time.
All we want is decent buttons so that we don't hit 3 buttons for one bloody letter. It needs to have a camera, games & poly phonic ringtones. Don't care about the other internet crap etc that you can get these days - never use it!
Anyone have any suggestions? PLEEEEEASE!


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