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Thursday, September 4, 2008

MIA again (sorry!) & Misc News

Wow what a WEEK!
With Sonaeya now 2 she's a right little madam. For example "Nooooooouuuuuuuuu!"
"Mum be quieeeeeeeeeeeet!"
but then just yesterday she had me stunned. She was laying on the lounge as I was talking to Koby & said "Muuuuuuuuuuuuummmm. S'cuse me muuuuum."
I swear I nearly fell over. Then today at the service station as I took her in whilst I paid (I NEVER leave the kiddies in the car even if just paying) she saw the "Popipops" (lollypops) at the counter so she chose one whilst I paid. Then all by herself she looked at the guy serving me and said "Thankkoooooo" I'm SO proud of my little girl!
I gave her hair a trim this morning & she looks SO grown up - what have I done? I want my baby girl back WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
She decided it was hilarious to pop her dummies with her teeth last night - TWO of them mind you so that packet I bought today is her very last one.

I bought hubby a 'fart recorder' keyring for fathers day so he can record the farts he's proud of and replay them in his truck aaaaaaaaaaaaallll day for all I care. He's such a typical male, that & a dart board in a cabinet to go outside but as yet it's STILL sat on the lounge room floor!

Both mine & hubbys cars needed new tyres AND also needed registering this week too - there goes $1000 that we don't have - bloody wonderful!

I've got to start planning next years holiday & it looks like Melbourne at this stage.

Koby wet himself this morning so it was up & changing his pants only for Sonaeya to decide it was time to wake up also! AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!
I'm STILL cleaning until I get a start date for my admin job - YEAY!

My oven was FIXED! The new timer was installed within FIVE minutes after all the hell they've put me through with not turning up at the arranged time or not turning up at all.

I had my friend come out & take exact measurements for my new carport too - I hope it'll be up for Kobys 5th birthday - Spiderman birthday theme.

My little girl is growing up WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY too fast for my liking. She's not such a baby anymore & it's depressing.
Don't get me wrong though - I could well do without the constant feeds & sleepless nights but I miss holding my tiny bundle in my arms. I miss the feeling, I miss them staring a my face & trying to work things out.
I want another baby - now to tell the hubby!

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