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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ooooow My Neck Hurts.......

Is what I thought as I jumped back into bed at 5am this morning.
Koby slept with us last night & et our bed so we changed the sheets.
Upon jumping back into bed I realised that my neck was really hurting. I put my hand behind & felt a lump.
Hubby could see a large red bite mark & went to put the wet sheets in the washing machine when he discovered a bull ant on them.
We think I've been bitten by it right on my neck muscle - It feels like I've been kicked in the neck!
Westinghouse came out again today after I realised the 'ne' timer on the oven is ringing at either the 5 minute or 2 minute mark and not at the '0' mark - GGGRRRRR!

Steven is LOVING his new truck driving job and is one month away from the end of the 3month probation period - wish him luck although after they've provided him with a company uniform - I doubt he'll be going anywhere soon thankfully!

I have Koby birthday invites to start getting sent out & his cake to start thinking about.
Any ideas how to do a Spiderman cake?

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