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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yucky Stuff & Escape Artists.

Koby stayed at the MILs last night & I was informed upon dropping off Sonaeya before work this morning, that Koby had 'yucky stuff' coming out of his ear & had been crying in pain at 2am.
My poor little man!
I figured it was an ear infection so took him to the docs.
I was told he had a sinus infection & an inner ear infection so he needed ear drops & anti-biotics PLUS panadol - poor child.
$32 in medications (& another lot after this so I'm told) hopefully, he's on the mend.
In fact, it's time to clean his ear & administer the next lot - oh the joys of sick kiddies.

As for Sonaeya, we've FINALLY caught her escaping from her cot. We knew she was escaping as she casually walks into the lounge room and says 'hello' BUT we had no idea how she was getting out.
I hid behind her cot this afternoon & watched her - OH she's good!
(Excuse me - she's escaped again no & is in the doorway - it's 9:20pm)

So. As I was saying, I watched her as she threw one leg up over her cot & reached out to grab the top bunk bed rail. She swings off the top bunk for a second & then drops to her bed rail below before stepping down onto the floor. I yelled out 'BUSTED' & scared the pants off of her - she had a giggle & toddled back out into the lounge room.
Cheeky little bugger!

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