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Sunday, October 12, 2008

21st's Are Fun, Alcohol Is BAD!

So we went to a 21st last night & crawled back home by around 5am or so.
I felt SO ill this morning. Southern Comfort with shots of Galiano Zambucha was SUCH a bad idea.
My poor head is STILL pounding from it all & I've done nothing but hang over a bucket just in case.
It's my own fault for drinking so much but all in all it was a good night all around, minus my stomping headache of course.

To Ann, Happy 21st hun, hope you had a great night!
That's about it for me, the room is spinning a bit still.
Please, no hate mail telling me a shouldn't drink blah blah blah - I learnt that the REALLY hard way last night & all of today.

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