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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

AGAIN with the M.I.A. But........

My frickin hot water tank didn't heat up last night as I didn't realise that the switch had tripped out on the hallway wall!
Now I can't shower or do my dishes - such a shame about the dishes, really.

Sonaeya was very quiet a while ago & I found her in the kitchen. 'Water' on the cupboards. She's dipped a towel in the dish water & decided to 'wipe' the cupboards as well as create herself a swimming pool on my kitchen floor!

We had a garage sale here on Monday. Didn't do too badly & sold some of the bulkier items. I managed to finish re-covering one of the kitchen chairs from the white crappy fabric that they came in here:

To my favourite print - tiger print HERE!

I have one more chair to do & my set is complete!
I managed to start an Elmo cushion cover for my self this time & Steven cleared out the shed FINALLY!

The kids are arguing none stop this morning over who has what car or what coloured pen - it's seriously driving me insane!
I need a shower, I need my dishes clean & I need these two kids to QUIT IT!

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