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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's GO GO GO!

Goodness it's getting crazy around here! More than usual too.
So, we signed the paperwork & have a date for the carport installation for 1st & 2nd of November - YEAY! Except it's the weekend before Kobys 5th b'day party - not so yeay.
I went to a cancer council girls night in last night & we raised over $700 - awesome!
That amount will pay for ONE treatment of a cancer patient - it may not sound like much but it's a gift to a cancer patient.

I went out to grab some Lightning McQueen things for Koby today but none of the items came in apparently GGGRRRR!

I DID however happen to grab a 4 pack of blue streamers for Kobys birthday only to find at the checkout that instead of going through at a cost of $2.49, the went through at 50c!
YES! 50c I was so shocked & ran back & grabbed 3 baskets FULL of them & left just a few behind. BARGAIN!
Sonaeya lost her dummy & cracked the biggest tantrum of her entire (although short) little life today & there's me with these 3 GIANT bags full of streamers, dragging trying to carry a sprawling, screaming, yelling, kicking & crying Sonaeya to the car.
I dumped the bags on the concrete & to open the car & literally dropped her onto my drivers seat & shut the door so she didn't claw my eyes out.
I grabbed the bags & put them in the back of the car & told Sonaeya she needed to get into her seat.
She did so & I strapped her in but halfway home I saw her through my rear vision mirror undo her seat belt & climb across to Kobys seat.
I pulled the car over like a stunt driver in a movie scene pulled over with my hazard lights on & strapped her back into her seat with her kicking & screaming still.
I finally got home, carried her under my arm & put her to bed - she was like a wild animal it was totally insanely out of character for her.

On another note - we've had no hot water for THREE DAYS due to the hot water switch tripping out whilst we're asleep. After being given the run around from the power company (no suprise there) I decided to ring the electrician who installed our new oven. He did the job at a quarter of the cost but quoted us $400+ to install 4 flourescent lights under our new carport.
At the cancer council fundraiser last night I bid on a 2 hour service from the hosts husband who is an electrician. For $130 I get 2 hours worth of electrical work from him so I figured he could install my new lights & de-comission a fan & outside light at the same time!
OOps - I hear the mail man - let me guess.........

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